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Banned in 36 countries by the UN before it's release, FROSTBURN may be the most sought-after (and most fatal) heavy metal album EVER to be released!

The LORDS once again have teamed up with master producer and engineer Doug Olson (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Cheap Trick, etc.) to bring you an album of sonic force and guitar mastery.

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released February 13, 2015




Lords of the Trident Madison, Wisconsin

Lords of the Trident is the most METAL band on earth. Their metal's so pure that only diamonds can scratch it, and usually the diamonds are the ones that end up getting hurt in the end. Their amps are so loud, Manowar knocked on their door and asked them to "please turn down". ... more


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Track Name: Knights of Dragon's Deep
Move across the frozen plains
passing petrified remains
on the way to the forgotten fortress laid to dragon’s claim

To release the blizzard’s hold
we will quest into the cold
to pierce its frozen heart and halt the winter uncontrolled

Frostwyrm’s gaze
Darkened days
Fight to the eye of the storm

To defeat the serpent’s spell
we will trudge through icy hell
we will die before the beast can claim the lands we call our own
Though we may never return
our convictions still will burn
We have an oath that we shall keep; We are the knights of dragon’s deep

Passing through the fortress door
frozen dead upon the floor
Through the darkened halls and frozen walls we feel its wicked roar

Seeing out the dragon’s lair
Lesser men would never dare
Be swift and strike the heart before the beast takes to the air!

Into darkness we descend
fight until the bitter end
we will die before the beast can claim the lands we call our own
When we meet its piercing stare
Falling not into despair
We have an oath that we shall keep; We are the knights of dragon’s deep
Track Name: The Longest Journey
Gather children, listen well
to the solemn legend I will tell
the balance strives to find a way to make things right

Although you do not trust in fate
Sometimes the stars manipulate
A hidden destiny, a charge you cannot fight

Do you believe?
The prophecy?

Woah,Take you on the longest journey
Woah, to the land inside your dreams
Woah, meet you on the longest journey
Woah, I’ll tell you the truth, sometimes the world’s not what it seems

A foreign shifter, far from home
And by the balance, she will roam
Across a dying realm that chaos will consume

Between the science and the spell
But which is heaven, which is hell?
Your hands will save our lives or they will seal our doom

Do you believe?
The prophecy?

Woah, We are on the longest journey
Woah, to bring balance to the lands
Woah, This is the longest journey
Woah, their fate is resting in your hands
Track Name: Winds of the Storm
Feel the thunder as you breathe the night
Stealing shadows from the twilight
Tame the fire if you hold the flame
They will remember your name

Endless words from an empty quill
Say the spell; the blood will be spilled
Grasp the edge of a blackened dawn
Your strength will carry you on!

From out of the darkness
And holding the key to the light
Your rescue from madness
will be the reason you fight

Ride on the winds of the storm
Destiny carries you on
Reach for the light of the sun
We won’t stop till we’ve won

Light a spark and the path is clear
Burning roads through the wild frontier
Live your life as a game of chance
Playing your hand in advance

Holy light from the break of day
Feel the poison burning away
Battle cry and the sword is drawn
Your strength will carry you on!

Are you the voice who holds the key?
You cannot change your destiny
Speak to the star that’s burning bright
Aim for the light

Live by the edge of the sword
Glory shall be your reward
Ride to the light of the sun
We won’t stop till we’ve won
Track Name: Manly Witness
Didn’t ask to be the one involved
can’t ignore just what he saw
A shot rings from the edge of the night
but they made a fatal flaw

some men would just shrink away
some would think to run and hide
some men would stay away from danger
and keep the truth inside,
He’s a different breed of man,
He will fight them if he can
Life on the line
truth is divine
What if they know?
where can he go?

He’s a manly witness
at the scene of the crime
He’s a manly witness
When he’s pushed to the break, he’s got no more left to take
He’s a manly witness
at the scene of the crime
He’s a manly witness
He is running out of time

Will he take the law in his hands
Will he try to set things right
Can he trust all the crooked cops
or will they sell him to the night

No time to play their game
to decide on friend or foe
The wrong done will be repaid
when he lands the final blow
Track Name: Haze of the Battlefield
Who is this, that I see before my eyes?
In the mist where the darkness never dies
A soul without a shell to call my home, will I wander evermore?
Forever lost in the fog of war

The chill of death will overtake me
Inside the haze my sanity begins to slip
Although the battle’s just a memory
The memory will not release me from its grip

I was there when it all came crashing down
A fatal charge when our blood baptised the ground
And where are all the souls who died that day, did they all just fade away?
Am I the only one who’s cursed to stay?

Where is the heaven that was promised
To all the men who were prepared to die that day?
Although my time is clearly over
The god of battle has commanded me to stay

Chained to this haze in memory’s maze
still I wander
There is no chance for peace, wait for release
Track Name: Kill to Die
Break rank as you hear the tank crushing what was left of braver souls
Cover fire over barbed wire trying to escape the last patrol
You’ll never make it out alive
Pray to your god and hope that you survive

Feel your heart sinking deeper
See the ghost of the reaper
In the corner of your eye
In the death that surrounds you
Will your courage remain true?
You killed to live - now kill to die!

Iron blood surging like a flood, you feel your body gasp for breath
Panic flight through the darkened night trying to escape the blitzing death
Reverently whisper your goodbye
You killed to live, now kill to die!

Feel the blast from the shell shock
Shake the earth to the bedrock
Shrapnel blasts into the sky
As your blood soaks the concrete
Never admitting defeat
You killed to live - now kill to die!

Killing to live - killing to die - see the light fade from their eyes
As the light fade from your eyes!
Track Name: Den of the Wolf
Born out of war
Left there to die
Too young to question why

When the feral heart calls
Tear down the city walls
And regain the honor

with a kingdom betrayed
In the temple decayed
their hearts are growing stronger
unaware of their fate
the king lying in wait
he won’t be king much longer

We heard the call
We built the wall
Den of the Wolf

Rule without end
Our hearts defend
Den of the Wolf

If you dare to cross the wall
your armies will fall
this I decree

As I raise up my sword
to the legions ignored
and they bend at the knee

with the blood of a king
carry fate on the wing
our walls are growing stronger
the empire expands
with a wave of my hands
the days are growing longer
Track Name: Light This City
The white lights speeding down the freeway
Pushing red, Engines burning
When there is no speed there is no justice

Overdrive, fire from the tailpipe
feel the rush, tearing through the streetlights
You play to win, no second chances

Adrenaline is rushing through your veins
Like the liquid fire that leaves the night alight in flames

You gotta fight
And when you fight you fight to win
Race through the night
Let the final round begin

You’d better light, light this city up!
We’re gonna light this city up!

The flag drops, burning up the pavement
Competition yearning for the payment
Live for the thrill, take no surrender

Spin the wheel, drifting through the smokescreen
Hit the gas, feed the heart of the machine
The engine roars, pushed to the limit
Track Name: Shattered Skies
In a time when the men lost the meaning of fear
From the top of the clouds where the spires appear
To the unyielding hand of the king, a message they bring
Walls are sinking down

For thousands years at the peak of the sky
The safeguard of kings and the falcons they fly
Had the gods disappeared? Or worse - a terrible curse?
Threatening the crown

Make haste to the sky! Destruction is nigh! We must not lose hope or our kingdom will die.
On thunder we sail, we search for a trail, with strength in our hearts we know we cannot fail

As we sail towards the top of desolate hill
A body lies broken and utterly still
The horror reflects in our eyes - the falcon king lies
cold and lifeless

With a poisoned black arrow shot straight through his heart
This must be the work of the beasts of the dark
But surely the prince has survived? Was he captured alive?
No time left to guess

Make haste to the sky! Destruction is nigh! We must not lose hope or our kingdom will die.
To the lair of beasts, far away to the east, pursuing them until the prince is released

Far into the sky, On the northern winds we will fly
Following the beasts, Resolve until the curse is released
Woah, We will never give in, we fight to the end
Holding weapons high,
We are the warriors - the masters of the sky

We dive through the cursed breach
In the cold and the dark where the sun cannot reach
Surrounded by piercing stares
As I let loose my arrow I shall not despair

Returning to the sky, past the mighty spires we fly
With the prince released, now begins the era of peace
Woah, We never gave in, we fought to the end
Holding weapons high,
We are the warriors - the masters of the sky